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“All of us are involved in selling every day. Whenever we present a product or a principle, inform a client, or instruct a child, we are engaging in the art of effective persuasion. Selling is professional persuasion.”


Summary-Keith Barrot.

During my working life I have been a salesman, manager & business owner. I have sold products from gift-ware, pharmaceuticals, hot water systems, irrigation equipment, floor treatments and real estate.

Having walked the walk and talked the talk as a salesperson I enjoy promoting the profession of selling through mentoring, training and speaking.

Author: “Four Qualities of the Successful Sales Professional”

CD. “Prospecting for Lifetime Success in Real Estate”

Free EBook “Selling as a Career”

Services Offered:

Sales Mentoring.

Through the mentoring process develop and maintain skills in the profession of selling to achieve business and individual career goals.

Help salespeople to understand the importance of attitude, personal development, planning and sales skills.
Discover the secret in applying these to your daily life and selling career.

Sales Strategy

Assist in building organisations into strong “Sales Oriented Businesses”.
Improve cash flow and increase sales through analysing clients & customers, marketing plans, staff & sales training.

 Speaking Topics

Presentations to business owners, sales managers and salespeople. 8 presentations – Cold Calling, Closing the Sale, Effective Sales Management, Putting Selling Back into Real Estate, Building a Sales Orientated Business, “4 Qualities of the Successful Sales Professional, 12 Secrets to Combating Pessimism in the Sales Force, A Career in Sales.

Customised presentations available for management, sales managers, sales & general staff.

Sales Training

Individual & group training in all areas of selling.
Identifying where training is needed and applying the “Strength Based Selling” approach.
“In reality it takes sales skills to persuade a stranger to buy what you are offering”.

Sales Writing

Ensure your message sells.
It is not what you say – but how you say it.
Sales orientated text can sell your product or service to generate leads.

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